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EFAN SOLAR is a solar electric system design and installation company in Ontario, offering the latest technology, state of the art equipment and financing opportunities for all commercial and residential customers. We maintain a dedicated staff of engineers, designers and installation methods in order to make solar energy a turnkey solution for our customers. With a focus on quality, professionalism and services, along with 10 years of experience, EFAN SOLAR has excelled in becoming a trusted market leader.

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Why go solar?

The microFIT Program was launched in 2009 as part of the Ontario government’s efforts to increase renewable energy in the province. The program provides home-owners and other eligible participants with the opportunity to generate their own electricity with the microFIT program (with a 10 kilowatt (kW) or smaller system) on their property. Under this program, you will be paid a guaranteed price for over a 20-year period for all the electricity you produce and deliver to the province’s electrical grid.

A solar photovoltaic system from EFAN Solar will immediately offset your monthly electric bill, while protecting you against future rate increases from your electric company. Whether you’re looking to make money every month or retiring to a fixed income; EFAN Solar will make it easy to save money while increasing the value of your home.

Energy crisis worldwide, fossil fuels will be used up within the next few decades. Climate change is having a drastic impact on us. Consider the benefits of generating clean energy from renewable sources such as sun, wind, water or bioenergy and selling it for a guaranteed price with a fair return on your investment. Join thousands of Ontarians who are already part of the microFIT Program and who are contributing to a cleaner environment.


  • The monthly cheque we received is even more than we expected, this is a great program and EFAN did a great job, most importantly we love the extra cash!

    Michael, Brampton 10kW
  • The microFIT program really benefits everybody and the environment, my (19-year-old) daughter think it’s pretty neat.

    David, London 8kW
  • All work has been done quickly and professionally, there has never been any problem with my roof or the system since installation.

    Chris, Whitby 6kW
  • I am very pleased with the job your crew did. To have inspectors approve the first time around is unusual in my experience. If you would like to send any prospective clients around, I’d be happy to show my system and give a positive recommendation. Well done!

    Craig, London, Ontario
  • EFAN Solar has been very professional from the first contact and his presentation of the microFIT program through the installation and contacts with the engineer, the project coordinator, and the installers. We have been exceptionally pleased with the service EFAN Solar has offered as well as the performance of our system.

    Fan, Markham, Ontario
  • It has been a pleasure dealing with EFAN!!! Thanks for all your help and a great crew sent to the house!

    John, Toronto, Ontario
  • After the initial design was done I requested the panels be moved to the other end of the roof for aesthetic reasons. They did this and also ran their conduit as I directed so that is would not be as noticeable. They will listen and work with you.

    Jim, Niagara Falls, Ontario


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